Lacking the pinching claw of it’s famous relative, the Maine Lobster, this crustacean is far from defenseless. As the name would suggest, the Spiny Lobster is covered with numerous sharp spines and projections, able to inflict injury to the unwary person trying to pick one up. Found along this coast anywhere there is protection, the Spiny Lobster can be seen from Point Arguello to Baja California. They live in tide pools to depths well over 100 feet. Although not known for sure, it is thought these lobsters can live to the age of 100 years or more. There is a large Southern California fishery for these wonderful tasting invertebrates. In times past it was commonplace to find spiny lobster over two feet in length; it is a rarity today. Spiny Lobster hide in the rocks and crevices by day coming out to forage, on just about anything, at night.