The California ground squirrel has brownish-gray fur with cream spots and flecks on its back. It has a darker gray color that runs from its head down to the middle of its back. Its shoulders and the side of its head are a lighter gray. It is about 18 inches long and has a white underside, a long bushy tail and big eyes.  The majority of the California ground squirrel’s diet is made up of plant parts like leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, berries and fruits. Occasionally, it will eat insects and small animals. The California ground squirrel is most active in the daytime. It lives in colonies, but they tend not to socialize with each other. Several squirrels may share a burrow, but they each will have their own entrance. Burrows are made under a tree, log or rock. The California ground squirrel can climb trees, but it spends most of its time on the ground.

Photo Courtesy of the Jim Serpa Photography Collection