Welcome to the Doheny Virtual Aquarium where you can
see some of the critters in the Visitor Center on our
YouTube Channel.

Click on the name of the sea life you wish to view.

Calico Bass, also known as a Kelp Bass
Thornback Guitar Fish
The Dancing Thornback Guitar Fish
Abracadabra! The Vanishing Thornback Guitar Fish
Thornback, Spotted Croakers, One-eyed Calico Bass & Leopard Shark
Moray Eel, Just Hang’n Around
Moray in her cave. Check out her teeth.
Horn Shark

Swimming Hornshark
Wavy Top Turban, speeding along the rocks
Wavy Top Climbing the side of the tank
Another view of the Wavy Top Turbin
Lily, a California Spiny Lobster
Another view of Lily the Lobster

Lilly shortly after molting her exoskeleton
Lily cleaning parts of her exoskeleton
Yellow Fin Croaker
Spot Fin Croakers
Leopard Shark
Purple Sea Urchin (also known as Uni)
Bat Star and Purple Sea Urchin

Close up of the Bat Star’s Arm and Tube Feet